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An office container is a popular and competitive choice in the container market. The office container allows for flexible arrangements to meet the most demanding customer needs. The modular container is an alternative to traditional construction and the lengthy process of obtaining building permits. The office container is a structure that doesn’t require a permanent connection to the ground, making it usable in various locations and conditions, both in open outdoor spaces and inside other buildings.

Mobilbox office containers are manufactured in standardized, repeatable dimensions, all to ensure easy configuration of larger modular structures, such as large container facilities, as well as easy logistics, assembly, and disassembly. An office container, or multiple containers, as well as the entire container facility for any purpose, can be acquired by contacting our EXPORT sales department at +48 885 451 885 or +48 887 100 702

Our Export Department will gladly handle the delivery and assembly of office containers for customers in countries such as Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Italy.

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  • Office container – a modern space for business
  • Stacking containers up to three floors
  • Office container with a bathroom
  • Office container with a toilet and shower
  • Office container without a bathroom
  • Office container without an external wall for connecting in DUO version
  • Office containers available “off the shelf”
  • Solid and durable container construction
  • Manufactured with high-quality components
  • Aesthetically designed interior and exterior
  • Dimensions of office containers – 5ft, 10ft, 16ft, 20ft, 24ft
  • Easy and fast container assembly
  • Foundation without the need for concrete blocks
  • Simple installation of panel walls, windows, and doors
  • Possibility to create an open-space environment

Office containers, Office containers – completed projects.

Office container – who might be interested?

  • Entrepreneurs in urgent need of a mobile office container.
  • Industrial plants expanding their office, social, or workshop facilities in the production hall.
  • Logistics companies in need of office space within a warehouse.
  • Individuals seeking an easy and quick installation of office space.
  • Construction companies requiring a modular office for multiple location changes.
  • Event companies interested in arranging a container as a dressing room.


Why is it worth buying an office container from Mobilbox?

  • Clear commercial offer with price, technical specifications, and warranty terms.
  • Upon request, containers can be equipped with office furniture, office supplies, personal lockers, and AV equipment.
  • The possibility of exchanging wall panels up to a maximum wall thickness of 120 mm – sandwich panels with polystyrene, PIR, or mineral wool.
  • Experience – installation, service, and technical inspections performed by trusted professionals.

Office containers for saletype-specific properties and sizes

Office Cointainer MB 20 H


The basic type of social and office container. The aestheticall interior enables easy arrangements for office unit, cloakroom and social rooms. In the option without external walls, it is designed to create open spaces, e.g. Open Space. Larger modular facilities
are constructed by connecting successive containers with each othe. Container can be stacked up to three floors.


steel, welded floor frame, welded flat roof and welded columnslocated in the corners of the module structure. Elements are covered with anti-corrosion coatings in red RAL 3000- RENT / or in any color – SALE. Rainwater is drained off through PVC gutters located inside the corner posts of the container. Container’s load-bearing structure in EXC2 class according toPN EN 1090-1. CE marked. Welded elements are in accordance with PN EN ISO 3834-2.


0,55 mm steel galvanized sheet, 12 mm chipboard, 100 mm mineral wool, vapor barrier made with polyethylene film, 12 mm laminated, white board. Snow load 1,6 kN/m². 


made with panel technology: 10 solid panels on the long side, 4 panels on short side (2 window panels, 1 door panel) which makes 14 interchangeable panels. Mostly, one full panel are mounted in the following standard: door and windows assembled on the shorter sides and full ones are assembled on the longer sides. 


wooden framework, 0,55 mm trapezoidal steel sheet painted gray RAL 7035, mineral wool thickness 60 mm, vapor barrier, foil 12 mm laminated board, white.


galvanized trapezoidal sheet, thickness 0,55, mineral wool thickness 100 mm, vapor barrier foil, chipboard 22 mm, PVC floor lining min. thickness 2 mm, grey color, floor finishing with skirting, boards. Maximum floor load 200 kg/m.


(TILT-TURN), 900 x 1200 mm, white with an external roller blind.


– white, single, steel 900 x 2000 mm.


– installation connection on the base of socket and 5 x 32 A electric connection,
– light installation -2 x 18W LED, fluorescent lamp,
– installation of plug sockets-sockets, switch.


– electric heater 2000 W.

Option to CUSTOMIZE an OFFICE CONTAINER to individual requirements.



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Our services

  • container rental
  • container sales
  • container leasing
  • consultancy
  • container design
  • container manufacturing
  • container installation (craning, assembly)
  • container transportation
  • container maintenance
  • satisfaction of special demands
  • sales of container parts
  • seal salessprzedaż plomb

Field of the application of our office containers


  • project office
  • managerial office
  • changing room
  • smoking room
  • accommodation
  • warm shelter
  • workshop
  • reception, guarding post
  • point of sales, selling space