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Container rental Poland


Mobilbox Poland specializes in the rental of containers with many variants of use. These are both office containers for rent, sanitary containers for rent, social containers for rent, residential containers for rent, sea containers for rent, social containers for rent, construction containers for rent, storage containers for rent, as well as used ones in very good technical condition. 

We provide containers as functional canteens, cloakrooms, men’s and women’s toilets, flats, handy warehouses, social rooms, guardhouses, and gatehouses. The containers are available to you directly from our branches throughout Poland and Europe under attractive rental conditions.

The containers are used as construction back-up facilities, employee locker rooms, offices for administrative and VIP staff, and storage spaces. Rental of the containers is available individually for you in short-term and long-term rental. The Mobilbox offer is always tailored to the possibilities and needs of customers, and each container facility is designed individually, in accordance with the purpose and expectations of the customer. Are you interested in the container rental price list

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Container rental adventage:


  •  no need to invest in the purchase of container facilities
  • an economical alternative to traditional office buildings and other types of construction
  • quick implementation and arrangement of social, office, sanitary, residential and warehouse space
  • the possibility of expanding the container area with new offices, sanitary facilities or storage at any time
  • delivery at the agreed time, to the place indicated by the customer
  • quick and professional assembly and subsequent container service
  • collection of containers back after rental period expiry
  • we provide transport and all repairs and modifications to containers


Office containers for rent

Office container rental from Poland is a key part of the activities of our branches. The service includes the rental of individual office modules and office buildings, as well as the main container accessories. The rented office containers are combined with other containers, i.e., sanitary containers, social containers, and office containers. The containers can be stacked up to three floors.

Sanitary toilet containers rent

Sanitary containers for rent from Poland, with different equipment. We offer containers providing a comfortable bathroom for employees at the site of the construction investment or workplace. In another option, it is a sanitary facility divided into women’s and men’s units – dedicated to public places and mass events. Used in investments sites or workplaces are multi-station washrooms, combined with cloakroom containers or other sanitary containers. Another proposal is a multi-station shower container.

Social containers rent

An example of an independent social container is the MB 26 container, which, apart from the usable space, is equipped with a bathroom with a washbasin, a toilet bowl, and a shower.

Construction containers rent

Construction container rental is a form of service that provides office facilities, social space, and sanitary facilities at construction investments.

Gatehouse – guardhouse rent

Gate houses and container lodges are an inseparable elements of every large construction investment. They gained great popularity along with their use in parking lots, squares, and public places. It is an ideal solution for security personnel in places requiring direct supervision.

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Feacal tanks renta

Sewage tanks froam Poland adapted to sanitar and toilet containers is a rental option intended for installation in places without sewage. Tanks are mounted under sanitary containers, social and residential containers.

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