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Modular buildings

Modular construction is a solution based on the idea of compiling and connecting container modules, made on the basis of steel frames and charactarized by compatible dimensions. Modules placed on a properly prepared base, are bolted with ties, and then aesthetically finished with sheet metal work.

Modular technology

Modular technology gives a wide range of possibilities to create objects for various purposes. Frames equipped with special container corners / container bones with special holes, prepared for fixing slings for lifting and transporting the container by crane, and then for securely connecting the modules to each other.
 Save time and money

Quick connection of individual modules, easy configuration of rooms, assembly and disassembly of walls, all this allows for quick adaptation of a modular facility to individual needs.

Modular construction – options

A wide range of technical possibilities, a variety of finishing materials and creativity make it possible to make a non-standard, original, functional and aesthetic object from a single container, especially from a large container set. Modular facilities are most often used as workplaces for construction staff as a field branch of a company or a service facility.

Modular offices

Container offices are aesthetic workplaces for administrative employees and management staff, but also rooms for rest and changing clothes for workers (e.g. construction workers). An example of this type of solution are buildings addapted for construction corporations that carry out complex construction investments. The internal space of the facility is made up of various containers. Most often these are office and sanitary containers.

Modular two and three-level buildings

Containers can be combined with each other into two-level and three-level facilities of any length and configuration.
In order to ensure safe and efficient communication of the personnel working in the facility, it is equipped with professional staircases, external container stairs with landings and corridor containers.

Arrangement of a modular building

Office modules allow for any interior arrangement through the use of modern materials and the latest trends in interior design. Depending on the needs and purpose, modular objects can be set up as temporary and permanent objects.

Windows in a container and a modular building

Better illumination of the interior, rooms and offices is ensured by special panoramic windows and lighting, mounted in the container frame, on the longer or shorter side.

Terrace and balcony in the container and modular building

In order to provide better comfort to people staying in the modular facility, balcony doors and a steel balcony are installed, solidly attached to the container frame. Container terraces have a surface many times larger than the balcony, so they can be mounted on the ground or on the roof of the container.

Container facade

The rich choice of facade materials, varnishes, decorative materials in combination with modern design, allows you to create an original shape and distinguish the object in its surroundings.

Our specialists, together with you, will be happy to plan any modular facility, prepare its arrangement for final production.

Modular facilities can be used as:

  • Commercial pavilions
  • Service modular objects
  • Modular schools and kindergartens
  • Modular hotels
  • Construction site
  • Multi-module sanitary facilities
  • Sports locker rooms
  • Service pavilions
  • Employee cloakrooms
  • Sports facilities
  • Modular stations
  • Educational clubs
  • Residential facilities
  • Social space
  • Construction site
  • Sales offices
  • Modular coffee shops
  • Storage space
  • Technical containers – server rooms
  • Vaccination points
  • Container clinics
  • Office buildings
  • Construction offices
  • Social buildings
  • Public offices