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Mobilbox, a company operating in many foreign markets, has in its portfolio not only the construction of standard containers, but has also completed a range of non-standard container structures, such as: container-based schools, preschools, office buildings, modular hotels, employee quarters and hotels, service points, retail outlets, even modular, container-based refugee housing.
The production of containers: office containers, residential containers, construction site containers, sanitary containers, warehouse, social containers, door guard containers, guard house containers, for men’s containers, medical containers, cloak room containers, foreseen for sale and rental, as well as for the purpose of erection of modular buildings, is conducted on modern process technical lines with the usage of specialised metal processing machinery, equipped with modern and top-quality components.
Out containers can be used to build modern backlots and social sites, management offices at construction sites, container-based hotels, Summer homes or a vacation container house.

Production containers mobilbox

Container production stage Poland

  1. Degreasing of steel structures
  2. Shot blasting
  3. Container frame weldingthe container steel frame is MIG/ MAG-welded
  4. Painting – corrosion protection
  5. Container assembly
  6. Filling of the ceiling and floor with insulation materials
  7. Development of the electrics
  8. Execution of container inner walls – installation of panels or sandwich plates
  9. Execution of the outer walls and preparation of the water and sanitary system – applies to selected container, types, such as: sanitary containers, residential containers, social containers, social-office containers.

The presented production stages vary depending on the container type and details.

Production container home

The cooperation of our salespeople with the container manufacturing plant and the equipment suppliers, service personnel and container assembly personnel is a guarantee of maintenance of high quality standards during all production stages of containers or larger container-based buildings. The execution of complex container projects is a process beginning with the design and agreement of all project details and assumptions. The design of containers entails, among others, the selection of suppliers, components and technical capacities so that the design of the container or the container structure would correspond to the set goal and assumptions, and so that it would satisfy its users.

Production of office containers Poland

The design of the office container or modular building is developed by experienced personnel in cooperation with the production plant, so that all necessary standards for its later use are maintained. Thanks to our specialists working at Mobilbox branch offices across Europe, we have a detailed picture of the standards, the materials used and the effective technical solutions, but above all we know opinions and preferences of many customers representing various cultures and geographic conditions. We are enormously happy to have access to this knowledge, and are keen to share it with our customers. This is valuable practical knowledge that is necessary at every stage of design, manufacture and assembly. The development of a container design is always preceded by a Customer interview and an analysis of their needs, on the basis of which the project assumptions are developed. The high quality of the containers we manufacture is of decisive importance for their future use, the maintenance of security and comfort of work of the persons residing there. The manufacture quality of the container is also of great significance for its later logistics, as the containers are transported from place to place to be assembled and dismantled many times. Most container components, excluding the equipment, is created in course of the manufacturing process at the production plant. It is our requirement that ethical and environmental standards are adhered to during production.


Container manufacturer, Container factory Poland

The top quality of the products we offer is confirmed by the container manufacturer through the held certificates, and our business partners and suppliers – e. g. by the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, the AQAP 2110:2016, ETA-18/ 1068, the licence B-022_2019. The positive conformity assessment of the manufactured structures according to standard EN-1090 allows the usage of the CE mark.
The specialists that make up the personnel and business partners of Mobilbox provide high-quality standards as well as advice and technical service during the container lifetime.