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Shipping containers for sale

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  • Shipping containers also suitable for maritime transport
  • 20’ and 40’ designs


Shipping container sales at Mobilbox

Being equally suitable for maritime transport, Mobilbox shipping containers are the ideal choice for those in search of a safe solution for maritime/road transport or even simple warehousing.

Who is recommended to buy a shipping container?


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  • Who is involved in road or sea transportation
  • Who wants to guarantee the security of its goods
  • Who needs a practical, safe and easily manageable warehouse




Why is it Mobilbox to turn to when purchasing a shipping container?


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  • Quick quotation
  • Flexible adjustment to customer demands
  • Customised payment schemes


Shipping containers for saletype-specific properties and sizes


MX20 shipping- / storage container

  • Containers with ISO standard dimensions
  • Suitable for shipping and warehouse purposes
  • Wind and water tight
  • Floor: Height: 170 mm (± 5 mm, measured to internal floor level)
  • Door: centrally opening double door, with externally lockable bar lock assembly
  • Strong steel structure
  • Fitted with forklift pocket
  • Storage capacity: 33 m3/20′
  • valid CSC plate (on request)

Schedule of dimensions



For the container and accessory prices, please complete this inquiry form!

Our services

  • container rental
  • container sales
  • container leasing
  • consultancy
  • container design
  • container manufacturing
  • container installation (craning, assembly)
  • container transportation
  • container maintenance
  • satisfaction of special demands
  • sales of container parts
  • seal salessprzedaż plomb

Field of the application of our office containers


  • project office
  • managerial office
  • changing room
  • smoking room
  • accommodation
  • warm shelter
  • workshop
  • reception, guarding post
  • point of sales, selling space